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Get the support you need to make an ebook that delivers practical results in your business. 

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The Create Ebooks Your Customers Will Love Course

The Create Ebooks Your Customers Will Love Course

An ebook is the almost perfect business promotion tool. You can create ebooks to solve nearly any challenge you face today in your business.

Get these bonuses when you sign up for the group session in June 2016!

BONUS #1: Weekly Q&A Calls

Ask your questions and get the answers you need to keep moving forward. Tap into the insights and experience of other business owners in weekly Q&A calls. 

VALUE: priceless

BONUS #2: 2 30-Minute  Personal Consultations 

Get two private consultations with me to discuss your business challenges and ebook choices to make sure your ebook hits the bullseye.

VALUE: $150

BONUS #3: Grow Your Email List With An Ebook 

Finish your ebook and get a bonus course that teaches you how to use your new ebook to draw in the right people to your email list.

VALUE: $97

The Create Ebooks Your Customers Will Love Course

Get step-by-step instructions that take you from idea to a finished ebook that delivers the results your business needs today. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to create your first ebook with this proven process.   

It includes:

  • Bite-sized video lessons

    Learn what you need to know without information overload. 15 minute lessons make the learning process quick and easy.

  • Course workbook

    Your workbook makes it easy to learn and review course lessons. Worksheets let you customize the course to your unique business challenges. An ebook template gives you a starting point for your first ebook.

  • Self-paced learning

    Work through the course materials on your schedule when it's convenient for you to learn. Get the support and accountability from working through the course with a group of like-minded business people.

Join the next group of enthusiastic business owners who are jumping into Create Ebooks Your Customers Will Love for the 5-week group session starting in June 2016.
Learn more about the group session bonuses below!

Here's What People Say About
"Create Ebooks Your Customers Will Love"

"Charlene offered a practical, step-by-step series in her Create Ebooks Your Customers Will Love course on getting the project started, and more importantly, finished! Many thanks to her for making my first ebook a success."

Sam Uhl

The Cheerful Word

"Charlene has an amazing teaching style. She breaks down daunting tasks in a super easy to understand manner. The framework she provides, along with her tried-and-true tips, really helped me create better information products for my clients. Definitely take this class!"

April Holle

Made Better Studio

"Charlene's ebook course is straightforward and easy to follow, and she provides valuable tips from her experience. If you have a message you want to share, this course provides a simple path for creating great ebooks."

Chad Swaney

Learning Technologist

BONUS #1: 5 Weekly Q&A Calls

Customize your learning experience for your business by asking questions in the weekly Q&A calls. Get the answers you need and gain insights from hearing the questions from other course members.

It includes:

  • Ask your questions and get answers

    Every week, you ask questions and get your answers in the call. Can't attend a session? Send in your question by email to be included.

  • Hear what other people ask

    Learn from your fellow business people when you hear their questions and how they plan to use ebooks in their business. You can ask follow up questions when you hear their answers, too.

  • Catch the recording if you can't attend live

    Each session is recorded and stored with the course resources so you can listen even if you can't attend live.

The Q&A sessions speed up your learning process by giving you helpful information each week as you need it. Not only do you gain insights in the Q&A sessions, but you also get feedback from other course members. Put the power of this ebook mastermind to work in your business!

Learn Everything You Need To Create Your First Ebook & Start Getting Results

Choose a killer ebook topic that connects your business with the right people.
Focus your topic so your target audience won't just like it--they will love it!
Discover ebook creation tools that you already own or can use for free online. No fancy software is required!

Learn ideas for ebooks that don't require a lot of writing. 
Writing and layout tricks that make your ebook easy to read (and write).
Practical suggestions for page layout and formatting decisions that take the guesswork out of the process.

Review of the good, the bad, and the ugly in other people's ebooks to inspire yours.
When to collaborate with another business on your ebook to reduce your work and double your benefits.
Effective ways to share your ebook with your customers and potential customers.

BONUS #2: 2 30-Minute Personal Consultations

The weekly Q&A calls are great. But sometimes you need the guidance you can only get from someone who understands your business challenges. Schedule two personal consultations with me to get personalized advice for how an ebook can help you overcome the greatest challenges facing your business.

It includes:

  • 2 30-minute telephone or internet consultations

    Talk about your unique business challenges and craft an ebook strategy that solves your real problems. Use this advice to create an ebook that delivers results right away where you need them most.

  • Personalized advice 

    Customize the course to fit your business needs and keep your ebook project on track.

  • Encouragement and accountability

    Get the support you need to create the right business solution for your business from someone who expects you to follow throuogh.

VALUE: $150

This is your chance to talk about your business challenges and get advice about how to overcome them. You'll be inspired with fresh ideas and a new perspective for approaching your business. 

How An Ebook Helps Your Business

An ebook can help your business overcome almost any challenge you face.
Need more ideal customers? Use an ebook to draw them in.
Looking more repeat business from existing customers? Send them an ebook that inspires their next purchase.
Have awesome customers? Create an ebook as a thank you gift at the holidays or any time.

Not getting referrals? Remind your existing customers of their great experience with you with a gift ebook.
Want to start your email list? Attract your ideal customer by offering an ebook that they want to read.
Has your email list stalled? Offer an ebook to get people engaging with your emails again.

Want to expand your business with a new product? Offer an ebook to test your existing customers interest level. 
Spend too much time educating new customers? Write an ebook that provides the same information and never give that talk again!
An ebook delivers results for each of these challenges and more!

BONUS #3: Grow Your Business With A Lead Magnet Free Course For Finishing Your Ebook 

Have you ever started a project and not finished it? I want you to succeed, so I'm throwing in a special bonus. Finish your ebook and I'll give you access to my course Grow Your Business With A Lead Magnet to learn how to use your ebook to encourage the right people to sign up for your email list.

It includes:

  • Use your ebook to grow your email list

    Whether you are just starting your email list, or you have a growing list, your ebook helps you draw in the right people, your ideal potential customers.

  • The mechanics of making your offer

    Have you seen websites and blogs that offer gifts for joining their email list? You'll learn the pieces that go together to deliver your new ebook to your new subscribers. 

  • Start building your business email list

    Use this course to start building your business email list FOR FREE using MailChimp's Entrepreneur account. Learn how to set up your account, make the offer, and deliver it using their free services.

VALUE: $97

This course shows you step-by-step how to set up your ebook as an email lead magnet using MailChimp and your WordPress site. Don't use these tools? No problem! You'll learn what features to find and use in your preferred email list service and your website platform. The strategy is the same no matter the tools.

About The Course Creator

Starting a new project can be daunting. The Create Ebooks Your Customers Will Love course gives you the tools you need to start and finish your ebook so you get the benefits right away in your business.

Hello! I'm Charlene Kingston and I've been using ebooks to grow my business for more than a decade.

In this course, I share with you my proven process for going from business challenge to ebook idea to finished ebook in 6 easy steps.

I am absolutely committed to your success! I've designed the course bonuses to give you the support and accountability you need to not just start but finish this course!

Take advantage of the one-time only course benefits and join the group session starting in June 2016.

If you want new results, you must do something new! Add an ebook to your business this quarter and reap the benefits the rest of the year.

Start Getting Results Right Away With An Ebook Strategy That Puts Your Business First With The Right People

Take my Create Ebooks Your Customers Will Love course in the group session starting in June 2016 and get the benfits of working with a group PLUS the course benefits listed here: 5 Q&A sessions, 2 30-minute consultations, and a free course when you complete your ebook.

That's an added value of $247 for you if you are ready to start growing your business now! There will never be a better time to learn how to create an ebook for your business.

Lessons arrive in your inbox each day for you to take at your convenience. The course includes a catch-up week in the middle so you can deal with life's surprises and stay current with the course.

Everyone who completes their ebook gets my course, Grow Your Business With A Lead Magnet, that teaches you how to setup your email and website with your new ebook as a gift for new email subscribers.

That's a course others pay $97 to take. And it's your reward for finishing this important business project.

Get all of this learning plus the support you need to create your first ebook for $197.

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